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the well-being that comes from the ceiling

Energy Saving

high performance and energy savings thanks to

  • the integration of several elements and the electronic control of parameters

  • the system offers high comfort performances while keeping energy consumption level down, ensuring efficient heating and cooling because the source is from ceiling surface

Uniform Climate - Uniformità Climatica

uniform climate both in summer and winter

  • climatic comfort uniformity
    (the same temperature at each point of the room)

  • right level of humidity
    (electronic control able to guarantee the correct dew point)

  • ideal temperature in any season of the year
    UT radiant system ensure levels of comfort never before achieved with known technologies thanks to the proprietary software and OECP (Optimized Energy & Comfort Performance)

these are essential factors as far as comfort is concerned that lead to an increased work productivity in the offices
(data proved by recent scientific research)

Flexibility - Flessibilità

high flexibility provided by

  • the system modularity

  • its dry-assembly makes it quick and easy to install, suitable for all types of building: from residential to hospitals, from housings to commercial

  • multiplicity of energy sources (gas/electricity)

ceiling radiant system

radiant panels icon

prefabricated radiant panels

radiant digital control icon

digital controls

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air treatment units


To become the leader of innovative cooling solutions, combining energy savings and state of the art environmental comfort.


To increase the competitive gap by offering an integrated solution for radiant conditioning system based on a patented system consisting of radiant panels, air treatment units and innovative systems including advanced electronic regulation.

Made in Italy

made in italy

Quality - Qualità


Horizon 2020

in line with horizon 2020


research and development


patented technologies